Wisdom Teeth Removal - Hamilton, ON

Certain third molars, also referred to as wisdom teeth, cannot be adequately sustained. Third molars that erupt into the mouth with an unbefitting positioning can push against neighbouring teeth and shift their positioning. Further, inadequate spacing for newly-erupted wisdom teeth can make it difficult for people to clean and sustain them, which can also negatively affect surrounding teeth. The manifestation of plaque buildup around third molars increases the chances of developing periodontal diseases or other oral infections, increasing the risk of incurring tooth decay in the affected wisdom teeth, which can then spread to neighboring teeth. To avoid such problems, once the decision to remove the tooth is made by our dentists, in Hamilton, and the site is thoroughly numbed, your Hamilton dentist will need to expose and remove the tissues that overlay the impacted tooth.

In some extreme cases, cysts may develop around improperly erupting wisdom teeth, endangering the health of the supporting jaw bone – That being said, a wisdom tooth extraction is typically the only viable option.
By sectioning the tooth into smaller parts, it improves the surgeon’s capacity to remove fractions of the tooth through a minimally vulnerable opening, minimizing the amount of bone that will require removal in order to remove the tooth, thereby also helping to reduce patient’s recovery times.

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