Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

Having sparkling white teeth is a common desire to have. Our outward appearance matters, and having a flawless smile can break down hurdles to social success. We often wonder how people we see on TV, celebrities, actors, sports stars etc. have such perfectly white and radiant teeth compared with our own. The oral health care regimen that we all follow at home every day includes brushing and flossing. Despite many people’s efforts in maintaining their oral health at home, it is often insufficient in whitening discoloured teeth.

If you feel that your teeth can benefit from a teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will be able to provide you with an initial consultation that will offer some valuable insight. Our dentists will also examine your teeth and enamel in order to determine whether a whitening treatment will benefit your specific situation. The dentist will also address any concerns you may have. There are various options available for teeth whitening, of which in-office whitening is the most highly recommended. The other option available for patients is at-home teeth whitening, which allows patients to take home customized trays, enabling patients to perform their whitening treatments at home. 

For your added boost of confidence, we offer many options, such as ZoomAdvanced Power (Zoom 3) whitening and custom whitening kits. Please contact us today to find out more about these options and which one is best for you.