Root Canal Therapy in Hamilton

Absecced Tooth? Tooth Infection? We Can Help.

Root canal therapy is carried out by carefully drilling through to the center of a tooth’s infected dental pulp, which is a small thread of tissue located in the center of each respective tooth. In order to remove the infected, or dead, portion, once a tooth’s dental pulp incurs damage, it is carefully extracted from the center of the affected tooth and the remaining area is cleaned, shaped and filled-in. Each procedure is completed by sealing off the root canal, using a filling and a dental cap. The entire procedure requires several steps that will require one or several visits to the dental office, depending on the specific situation. 

In the past, the only solution for a diseased or decayed tooth was to extract it, but with advances in the science of dentistry, a decayed or traumatized tooth can be treated without needing to resort to an extraction. Indirect damage caused by cracks in teeth, deep rooted cavities, and injuries to teeth can cause your teeth to become abscessed; which is a term used to describe a tooth with an infected pulp. An abscessed tooth can cause pain and/or swelling and might require immediate attention from a dentist. The dentist will conduct a thorough examination to scan for infections and other potentially destructive changes.  If left untreated, an abscessed tooth can pose a serious threat to surrounding teeth and cause severe future oral health complications.

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