Dental Bridges in Hamilton

Named after the fact that they “bridge” gaps between teeth, which are present as a result of teeth lost to trauma or decay, bridges offer restorative furnishings that work to replace one or several (neighbouring) missing teeth, while improving your smile’s health and beauty by replacing the gap with durable and artificial teeth.  If missing teeth embarrass you, or if you’re experiencing problems speaking, chewing, or performing other everyday tasks, consult our dental office to find out if a bridge may be the ideal solution for you. Created by, and only removable by your dentist, bridges are comfortable, semi-permanent options that can enhance your smile and improve the health of your surrounding, natural teeth.  Bridges can be placed either on implants or natural teeth, depending on your requirements. 

To know more regarding bridges or to set up an appointment at Mountain Mall Dental, contact us or visit our dental office, which is located in Hamilton, Ontario.