Mohawk Students' Association

Mohawk College

  Insured Portion
(Any Dentist)
  Studentcare Dental
Network Reduction
  Total Coverage:
Insurance + Network
Preventive Services
recall exam¹
, cleanings¹
70% + 30% 100% 0%
Extraction of impacted teeth²
50% + 20% 70% 30%
Basic Services

70% + 20% 90% 10%
Basic Services
oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics

20% + 20% 40% 60%
Major Restorative
crowns, bridge,posts

Not covered + 20% 20% 80%
Annual Maximum
$750 per policy year
Insurance Company
Sun Life

¹ Recall exams, cleaning/polishing, bitewing x-rays, oral hygiene instruction, and the application of flouride are covered once per 12 months. Scaling is covered up to a maximum of 2 units per policy year. A complete exam (sometimes call a new patient exam) is only covered once per 36 months. A complete set of x-rays or panorex x-rays is covered oncer per 36 months.

² The extraction of impacted teeth is considered to be part of preventive services by Sun Life. The Studentcare Dental Network reduction, however, will be 20%, as this is considered oral surgery in the Provincial Dental Fee Guide for General Practitioners.

³ Fillings in amalgam (metal) are covered for all teeth. Composite (white) fillings are covered for the front teeth and pre-molars only. If the student chooses to have the back (posterior) teeth filled in composite, the claim will be reimbursed according to the amalgam fee.