Our Team

Ellie (RDH)

Ellie is a registered dental hygienist of Ontario who graduated from Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene in 2006. It was her love for dental assisting for 3 years previous that led her to a hygiene career. She joined our Mountain Mall Dental team in 2011 and has been continuously striving to make our patients as comfortable as possible under her care.

Ellie finds personal satisfaction from providing valuable health care service while establishing trusting relationships with her patients. Her attention to details and desire to deliver the best possible care has made her a vital member of our team.

Her services include oral cancer screening, cleaning and polishing, and tissue treatments, while promoting education in oral hygiene.  Ellie continuously improves herself by keeping up to date with the latest dental health literature by attending continuing education courses and by self-researching.

Ellie is fluent in Farsi and Hindi. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends in addition to reading. 

Chantelle (RDH)

Chantelle graduated with honours as a Registered Dental Hygienist from the Ontario Dental Education Institute in 2006. Prior to becoming a hygienist, she worked as a Level II dental assistant for two years. She joined Mountain Mall Dental team in 2010 and has become an asset in creating a proficient atmosphere where our patients can feel relaxed and confident knowing that their hygiene care is the finest service offered.

Chantelle believes that good oral health is an essential part of a bigger health picture. She concentrates on educating her patients about all the options for optimal oral health so they can make the best decision regarding treatment and prevention. In addition, her services include oral cancer screening, scaling and root planning, and teeth whitening.

Chantelle is dedicated to continuing her education. She keeps current in her hygiene practice and remains informed about the new developments in her profession.

In her free time, she enjoys yoga and working out at the fitness centre.

Milena (RDH)

Milena is a dental hygienist who graduated from the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene in 2004. Along with her dental diploma, Milena has a degree in Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University.

Milena joined the Mountain Mall dental office in 2004 and is proud to be part of the team. She enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them maintain and understand the importance of good oral health. She is committed to learning new procedures and technologies to improve the way hygiene is performed .

Milena’s goal is to improve your oral health and will address any concerns, or discuss treatment options available to you. Her experience is valued by her patients as she cleans, educates , and interacts with them.

In her free time, Milena enjoys spending time with her husband and their two boys, reading and travelling.

Marianne (RDH)

Marianne is a dental hygienist who graduated from Niagara College in 2002. She joined Mountain Mall Dental that year and is committed to educating her patients , optimizing their overall experience with her strong interpersonal skills ever since.

Marianne encourages proper homecare techniques and healthy living habits. She feels rewarded each time she sees her returning patients overall health showing improvement. She strives to provide the finest oral hygiene care. Her calm and friendly manner is applauded by her faithful patients. Her services include scaling, polishing (teeth cleaning), oral hygiene instruction and gum disease treatment.

Marianne maintains professional and technical knowledge by updating herself through continuing education courses and reading journals. She is eager to share that knowledge with her patients to help them maintain healthy mouths.

She is fluent in English and German. Marianne enjoys an active lifestyle with her family and friends and being outdoors with her daughter.  

Saya (RDH)

Saya graduated from Canada Business College of Toronto . Prior to becoming a hygienist she was a dental assistant for seven years. She became motivated to further her education and pursue a hygiene career.

She joined Mountain Mall Dental in 2012 bringing her passion and enthusiasm in periodontal and preventative knowledge to her patients. Saya has a warm and calming way that shows her patients she has more than just the technical proficiency needed to excel in her job and provide the best dental care. Saya takes pride in her services which include oral cancer screening, teeth cleaning and oral hygiene instruction. She has excellent communication skills to promote treatments and educate her patients in all restorative areas as well.

She stays at the front of advancements by attending continuing education courses and workshops regularly.
Saya likes to travel and recently volunteered in St Lucia promoting good overall dental hygiene. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is fluent in Tamil (Sri Lankan).